Quality, along with safety, is a major priority for our employees, customers and suppliers.

We conduct strict quality control procedures to our products, as well as our raw materials, ensuring the best results in the field.

Our tradition of quality and progress in products is another advantage of Industriales Austin de Costa Rica. The management has established a quality policy based on the policy of Austin Powder International Company.

In order to meet the policy requirements, safety and quality objectives are established annually, along with the requirements of both our customers and our company.

Safety Policy

  1. The safety of our staff, contractors, community and the environment is our priority.
  2. Our goal is to prevent the occurance of all incidents and accidents
  3. Each employee must work, think and act safely at all times and accept their responsibilities of safety.
  4. Each employee is responsible for the safety of their co-workers, customers, suppliers and everyone else in their working environment.
  5. Management of the Company will take steps to implement safe work practices as well as provide and ensure a safe working environment

Our team is constantly working on new products and technologies to meet the present and future needs of our clients.

Good quality products are only the beginning of all the services of Industriales Austin de Costa Rica, providing the most advanced technical support for customers and suppliers.

Quality Policy

  1. This policy has the unconditional support of the entire Management of Austin Powder International.
  2. Supply all our customers and partners with products that meet the requirements.
  3. Do it once, well and on time.
  4. Compliance with the Quality Policy is mandatory for all partners in the Austin Powder Company.


We will face all the issues that impact our customers or our company with:

  1. Safety
  2. Respect for all individuals
  3. Excellence in all our products and services
  4. Integrity
  5. Fair compensation