About us

More than 180 years experience

In 1833, Austin Powder Company was founded making us the oldest explosives manufacturing company. We manufacture a complete line of industrial explosives and accessories and also provide blasting services to customers in North America and worldwide.

Austin International began operations in 1985 and has been part of important projects worldwide. A few of the main projects are:

  1. Panama Canal project
  2. Road and tunnel construction in Mexico
  3. Gold mining in Argentina, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Ecuador
  4. Copper mining in Chile, Poland and Bulgaria.
  5. Salt mining in Germany
  6. Tunnel construction in Austria

In 1982, LODINSA (Lodos Industriales S.A for it´s acronym in Spanish) was founded in Esparza, Puntarenas in order to meet the need of explosives in the local market. This production plant manufactured sensitive and non-sensitive aqueous gel type explosives.

Austin de CentroAmérica was founded in 1996 to manufacture bulk emulsions and meet the needs of the Panama Canal expansion. In 1999 Ausitn Powder International acquired LODINSE and renamed it Industriales Austin de Costa Rica.

A few of the important projects in which our products have been in Costa Rica are:

  1. Mina Bellavista in Miramar Puntarenas: Opencast mine for gold mining in Puntarenas.
  2. Reventazón Hydroelectric Plant: the second largest infrastructure project in the isthmus, after the Panama Canal, providing 305.5 megawatts of electricity to one of the world’s cleanest energy matrices.
  3. Pirrís Hydroelectric Plant: Hydropower project of 113m high and used 765,000 cubic meters of concrete to complete. The crest is at an elevation of 1,208 m.s.n.m. with an average annual generation of 560 GWh to meet the increasing energy demand.

In 2007 Hydrogels plant was closed and a new emulsion production plant was installed which is a safer type of explosive without sacrificing performance.

Today, we continue supplying our products to both domestic and international companies throughout the region.