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    We are pioneers in explosive industries with more than 180 years of experience.

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    The safety of our staff, contractors, suppliers, customers, community and the environment is our priority. La seguridad de nuestro personal, contratistas, proveedores, clientes, comunidad y medio ambiente es nuestra prioridad.

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Premium Quality

Premium Quality

We have a strong and effective quality policy with a goal of continuous improvement. It is based on the performance evaluation and feedback of our customers. This plan reinforces the commitment of our company to customer satisfaction. Our tradition of innovation, flexibility and high quality are major advantages to meeting our client's needs.

Security Priority

Security Priority

Our priority is the safety of our employees, customers and partners. We have complete and continuous safety training in our production, handling, distribution and application of explosives. We are committed to meeting the highest standards of safety as the number one priority of our company. Safety is always first.

Qualified Team

Qualified Team

We have management with 20, 30 and 40 years experience in the explosives industry with extensive knowledge of the business. Our vast experience is available to service our clients, every day, for every project to ensure success of blasting projects. We partner along with clients in achieving the desired end results and goals.

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Our products

Industriales Austin de Costa Rica specializes in the manufacture of emulsion based industrial explosives. The products are safer than dynamites and provide effective blasting results while providing a high degree of safety both in handling and production.


Detonator sensitive emulsion with an excellent combination of energy, speed and gas volume . Widely used in surface blasting in mining, quarries and civil work.


Low density detonator sensitive emulsion. Widely used to provide smooth or contour blasting in tunnel projects. It is also has applications for use in underground mining, surface mining and construction work.


Blasting agent based on a mixture of emulsion and ammonium nitrate with an excellent combination of speed, energy and gas volume. Widely used in surface mining, quarrying and civil works. Provides excellent results when used to provide extra energy in the bottom of the hole or in wet hole applications.


Emulsion matrix used to produce Hydromite 100, Hydromite 70 and HEET 30 specialized delivery trucks. Hydrox S is an ammonium nitrate based water-in-oil emulsion.